BANG: The Hot Communication Monthly Paper

Nos. 1-10 (complete). 10 December 1970-1o Novembre 1971. Tokyo, Caméléon House, 38,5x27cm, 12 issues of each 8 pages, together a volume of 96 pages, in publisher binding with cover illustrated by Ikeda and Shimotani.

EUR 800.00

Illustrated periodical, founded and directed by the poet Tetsuo Shimizu. In each issue one page dedicated to the illustrators Ken Obata, Masaaki Takauji, Taku Ikeda, Keishiro Komatsu, Aoi Fujimoto, Toshinobu Imai and Nisuke Shimotani.
Shimizu is a multifaceted avant garde poet and publisher of comics. He was one of the first to create an internet site in 1996 dedicated to avant-garde poetry (on the proliferation of the haïku), stopped again in 2016.

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