Carmelo Quin, exhibition Galerie Kief 1989.

Journal Asiatique. No. 3. octobre 1989 (Supplement du no 2. nouv.série de Kanal Magazine). 42 x29,5 cm. Printed b/w , 4 pages, folded once. The letter O of KAO is a round hole in the paper.The entire issue devoted to the "Arte Madi" artist Carmelo Arden QUIN, and front page is "Manifeste MADI" 1946. In good condition, with only small imperfections to the right margin.
Published at the occasion of the exposition in "Galerie Kief" of Carmelo Quin, 26 oct/26 nov 1989. Contains the Madi Manifest, also "Souvenirs"by Volf Roitman, "Intervation A" (Nice) by Marcel Alocco, Amanda, Quin, Ph.Chartron, a.o., a photograph of Quin together with Julien Blaine, Photo "Réunion Madi" Café La Goutte d'Or, à St.Michel in 1952; article by Michel Giroud "Arden Quin ou l'invention permanente".

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