Historisch tijdschrift - Postkrant voor Nederland.

Nos. 1-37 (all) "Het Kleine Werk", Koningstr, Amsterdam. 18 Sept. 1976-13 Nov. 1982. L. folio, folded to 16 pages, and folding out to poster sizet unbound (except. no 30/31 which is 4to). Ills. (most issues were sent through the mail). Printed on recycled paperd. Rare as a set, with the supplements to practically all issues still inserted (2 are loose,unidentified) and the letter to subscribers that publication is stopped. Editie 13/14, 21 maart 1977 complete with the Magnifying Glass..

EUR 1,000.00

Irregular publication, in the aftermath of 'Provo' and "Kabouters" with artistic and literary contributions and critical articles, satirical drawings, photographs. Topics related to disarmament, ecology, the monarchy, etc. Printed by Rob Stolk on his offsetpress. Edited by Duco M. van Weerlee, R. Stolk, T.J. Bouman, H. Brinker (Hansje Brinker, a fictitious name), S. Davidson, J. de Jong. Contributions by R.J. Grootveld, Evert Rutgers, L. Putman, D. Tuijnman, and others from the circle of Provo.

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