Nos. 1-7 (all published). (Gent, Belgium). March 1966-April 1967.
All issues measuring ca. 28x11 cm, spine stapled, folded A-4 size; stencilled; covers on papers of differing colours.
Belgian Provo journal, complete in 7 numbers (March 1966-April 1967). Quite rare. Started as a "magazine of ideas". Founder: Siegfried (Sieg) van de Cruys. Contributors: Erkki Liukku, Armand Sermon, Miel Appelmans, Simon Vinkenoog, Mark Elchardus, Sus van Elzen, Sann Deurinck, Guido Courtois and Guido van Meir. - Issue 2. End of March 1966 : Confiscated, because of the inclusion of a postage stamp with the image of King Boudewijn with the remark that the only legitimate argument for the conservation of the monarchy is the fact that the image of the king revives the hearts of stamp collectors - -Issue 3. May 1966 : has small burn-hole as sign of piro-internationaal. (Outside some brown stains, possibly also purposely made burn stains). -Issue 4 with "New Babylon Game". - Issue 5.December 1966: has on page 36 acap for a toy-pistol. An "explosive"similar to it was included in the Amsterdam Provo edition (which was then confiscated) - Issue 6 with a thumb print and another toy-cap. -Issue 7. April 1967 Confiscated by the police, because of a pornographic print (a hardly visible bare breast and an anticlerical print)

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