Year I, no.1 and 2. (all published) Amst., Decipi, 1947, 2 vols., (4) cyclostyled lvs., recto only, stapled, 4to; (4) letterpress lvs, recto and verso, loose in orig. dec. wr. by? - Both issues folded once
- Together with : SPLEEN. Internationaal maandblad van en voor scheppende verschoppelingen. No.1. (prob. all published) Ed. N. Augustin. (Amst., N. Augustin), 1950, (4) cyclostyled lvs., 4to. - Folded. AND 4 other issues of similar short-lived but interesting periodicals, i.a. an untitled cyclostyled issue w. collected contributions from the periodical Sense and sentences edited by N. AUGUSTIN (Durgerdam, ±1950, 4to. Folded).
Rare periodical from the literary avant-garde in Amsterdam. Ed. N. Augustin. Second issue contents present in duplicate. Short-lived periodical, with contributions by i.a. Simon Vinkenoog under pseud. Victor Simonsz (a short review of De Avonden), Dolf Toussaint and Wim Simons.