"The Mechanism of Brainbloodvolume ('BBV')" (also known as "Homo Sapiens Correctus")

Important contemporary file of documents related to the Trepanation happening.
- stencilled open letter to Prof. Ariëns Kappers, 23 aug. 1965 (in dutch and in french transl.), -together with small booklet "Waarheid en Werkelijkheid/ Truth and Reality". Arcadia Pers, Bloemendaal 1965. Printing the text of the open letter.
- stencilled open letter to Prof. P.C.Kuiper, head of the psychiatric clinic where Huges was unvoluntarily interned after the trepanation.
- copy of 2 letters from George De Roo, (one to Jacques Lebel)
- 12 clippings from (partly Belgian) newspapers reporting on the trepanation Happening.
- copy of the Belgian weekly "Zondagmorgen" with 8 full pages containing many photographs reporting on Bart Huges and the Trepanation (The Third Eye).-handwritten memo (Martin van Ameongen) on the tv presentation by Willem Duys (24/7/1965).