Theater Scarabee

Amsterdam, published by Octopus Foundation, 1970. Large tinplate oil can containing a catalogue and an inflatable yellow plastic cushion. Oil can made by Thomassen & Drijver-Verblijfa in Deventer. Catalogue: 224 pp., paperback, illustrated throughout.

EUR 1,000.00

Designed by Jan van Toorn in Amsterdam. Play composed and produced by Adri Boon, Raf Thunnisen and Jan van As; text by Lucebert; directed by Adri Boon. The premier of the avant-garde stage production “Poppetgom” - similar to a “Happening” - took place at Studio Scarabée, an experimental theatre founded by the painter Adri Boon, before being shown at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam and then being adapted for television. The book is made up of photographs of scenes, pieces of dialogue, collages and illustrations, and contains numerous socio-political connotations involved in the techniques of “Happenings”. The catalogue is concealed inside the tinplate oil can. It is very rare to find an item like this, in its original state with the can unopened.