Nos.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (complete, all published). Amsterdam, n.d. (ca. 1970)-1971. 16-20 pages, colour printing, 42 x 30 cm; in very good, near mint condition. Complete set, scarce.
Elaborately produced pop and underground paper, initially published in the Amsterdam Popmusic and Hippie-Center "Paradiso", but number 4 published independently as FOX and number 5 as THE DAILY LIAR. Editor: J.V.Ricard Vesga, with Bob Rivera, Dennis Maguire, Lil Pehrsson, Dick Breebaart; contributions by Balthazar Venet, Hans Bruggeman, P.R.Lawson, Jan Swagerman, Eva Bouman, Brother Rap Lee, Michael Chapman, Jan Swagerman, Steve Fadidson, etc; No. 1, Year 1: Consciousness; No.2 publishes Declaration of Independence of Orange FreeState (Amsterdam Elfencity,1970). No.3: Full colour issue.the quality of the paper is better than rthe quality of the paper. 20 pages; No. 4: "Fozxhole". Fanny Fox Cookbook (Cannabis recipees); No. 5: "Fox Fux", The Great Rock N'Roll Rip Off; Kabouters National Liberation, Wet Dreams; Dolle Minas; Suburban Monastery Death, by D.A.Levy

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