d.a. levy

ZEN CONCRETE: Translations & a new interpretation of Buddhist Doctrines. [Vancouver]: blewointment press, 1968. First edition. 4to. Side-stapled mimeo wraps with 21 mimeographed pages,last page loosely inserted. Pictorial front cover depicting levy from a photo by M.J. Roach, the back cover of plain blue paper(which overlaps on the lower side) has an additional element stapled to it (advertisement for a children's toy). Edition of 300 unnumbered copies. In exceptionally good condition.
The last book levy finished before his suicide in November of 1968. A masterpiece of concrete poetry consisting of texts interspersed with abstract forms and intentionally illegible passages.
[Horvath and Taylor B-16, with the note: The original pieces for this book are with Ingrid Swanberg (sometimes stored in her clothes dryer).

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