[VILE MAGAZINE. Vile No.7] STAMPART. San Francisco. Banana Productions. (Made in Daddaland, Dossier Editions). 1979. ( 24 x 17.2 cm ). A Stamp-art assembling, composed of approximately 300 rubber - stamped pages (some signed). Original black card wrappers, bound with metal clasp, stickers and rubberstamp affixed to front cover. A very well-preserved copy, overlapping edges and corners lightly bended but intact, and with minimal wear to this fragile card-cover.

EUR 3,000.00

STAMPART issue. Edition of 300 copies. A dossier of international stamp works. The most elaborate and rarest of all Vile issues as most copies were distributed back to artist contributors. VILE magazine was founded by artist Anna Banana in response to the magazine FILE’ s growing disdain for mail - art. She worked togetherwith Bill Gaglione and the Bay Area Dadaists. This volume is an assembling of rubber stamp art. One hundred and eighty - five international contributors each sent approximately three hundred rubberstamped pages, which were then collated to create the final assemblings. The volume was produced in an edition of 300, but not many remained because the copies were returned to the condtribuors; a very good copy as offered here is very rare. . [Ref. Gwen Allen – Artists’ Magazines. An alternative space for art, p. 308; Aarons & Roth - In Numbers. Serial Publications by Artists S ince 1955, pp. 404 - 411].

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