FLUXUS (Walker Art Center)

In the Spirit of Fluxus

Deluxe edition in briefcase. Minneapolis, Walker Art Center, 1993/94. Main text volume By Janet Jenkins, Joan Rothfuss, Elizabeth Armstrong. Hardbound catalogue with dustwrapper, 191 pp. Laid into a leather executive suitcase, 44 x 32 x 9 cm, with velvet lining, featuring dividers holding multiples by Ben, Berner, Miller, Watts, from an edition of 50 copies.
Contains all objects and multiples as called for, including a plastic title-label attached to handle with operating instructions of the combination lock, a black printed T-shirt design by Ben Vautier: 'I don't want to do art I want to be happy,' rubber stamp, folded printed poster, a Walker Art Center pencil, 3 badges, a cassette tape (Flux Tellus #24), a roll of postage stamps, a 'Do it yourself excellent 1992 Fluxbox' by Larry Miller and a 'Cosmic Inventory Kit' by Jeff Berner.
The suitcase is in fine condition, except that the final divider in the closing lid has detached itself from the velvet lining, caused by the fact that the book (which was intended to be contained behind this divider) was too heavy for the construction. (it will be added separately). The enclosed 'Cosmic Inventory Kit' is No.30 of 50, and still sealed. A more detailed listing of contents can be supplied on request.

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