The magazine of the psychedelic community.

Vol. 1 nos. 1- 5 (all published). New York, 1966-1967. Size (h/w): 28,5 x 26,7 cm. Stapled in original illustrated wrappers. (very mild soilage to all numbers, No. 1 frontcover with near invisibly repaired closed tear ; No. 3 backcover has small ad cut out.but otherwise quite good). Rare complete
Edited by Linn House, managing editor: Peter Weinberg. Contributing ediotrs: Peter Stafford, Ira Einhorn. Staff artist: Linda Jarvis.I ssues of 24-32 pages, printed in offset in vartious colours, fully illustrated. Part of the Underground Press Syndicate. Number 5 is the "American Indian Issue" and contains a letter referring to issue no. 4. Contains articles and reports on drugs, be-ins, etc. with correspondents in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beirut, Berkeley, Nashville, later also Bombay, Amsterdam, Cleveland, etc.

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