Numbers 1-10 (1977 - 1979) All published, complete run of this pioneering punk fanzine from Chicago. R are complete, in particuler with number 1, which was 4 sheets only, stapled. Later issues expanding to 32 pages. Printed b/w only, with numerous graphics and photographs.

EUR 3,700.00

The Gabba Gabba Gazette was produced in 1977 - 1979 by Mary Alice Ramel. This zine chronicled the early punk/new wave scene of La Mere Vipere. Staff: Mary Alice Ramel - Editor, Jeanne Bukowski - Assistant Editor, Noe Boudreau - Writer Gabba Gabba Gazette is thought to be the first punk zine to emerge in Chicago. It covered the Ramones and the scene surrounding the first punk club, LaMere Vipere.

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