The graphix magazine of postponed suicides (becoming: The graphic magazine for damned intellectuals; The graphic aspirin for war fever; The torn again graphix magazine; etc.).

Complete with Poster and additions: (Vol. 1) Nos. 1-8 and Vol. 2 no 1-3 (all published, together 11 issues, complete set ). New York, 1980-1986, 1989-1991. Folio, unbound in the original full colour pictorial wrappers. (Vol. 2 nos1-3 smaller size 15,5 x 22,5 cm., Penguin Books).
Together with: READ YOURSELF RAW. Pages From the Rare 3 Issues of the Comics Magazine for Damned Intellectuals ! New York, Pantheon Books, 1987, 360x270mm, 88p., original coloured pictorial wrappers. This copy SIGNED with a special dedication by Art Spiegelman and a SIGNED DRAWING in black ink: "For Bill Blackbeard w. thanks for your ongoing help to RAW and for your obsessions ! w. best wishes Art Spiegelman" [(William Elsworth Blackbeard (1926-2011), better known as Bill Blackbeard was a noted American specialist in cartoon books]. All in excellent condition.
ADDED: Promotional POSTER for the first issue of Raw Magazine, 28x18,3 cm (11x7 inches), with the same Image on both sides. As new, all corners pointed, without tears, creases, bunos or chips; clean and bright.

EUR 5,600.00

The famous ferocious large-folio comics journal, founded and edited by Art Spiegelman and F. Mouly (=Mrs.Spiegelman), with magnificent colourful covers and depressing comic strips by Art Spiegelman and others. Included are enclosures with the first appearances of 'Maus, A Survivor's Tale'. the first four chapters of Maus in their original formats bound into issues 2-5. Number 4 contains a vinyl flexi-disc entitled "Reagan Speaks for Himself". All in excellent condition.
Other contributors were: Gary Panter, Sue Coe, Fr. Mouly, Bill Griffith, Jacques Tardi, Mark Beyer, Charles Burns, Joost Swarte, Mariscal, Jerry Moriarty, Ever Meulen, Cathy Millet, Lynne Tillman, Scott Gillis, Mark Newgarden, Francoise Mouly, Winsor Mc Cay, a.o.
Number 7 has a tear scross the wrapper as part of the design.
The compilation of the first 3 issues contains contributions of Tardi, Mariscal, Bruno Richard, Kiki Picasso, Winsor McCay, Gary Panter, J. Swarte, Mark Beyer, Ch. Burns, Ever Meulen, entre autres. Complete with the two inserts: «Two-fisted Painters Action Adventures» (1980 Art Spiegelman), «City of Terror» - Trading Cards (1980 Marc Beyer).

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