Tijdschrift voor (onder meer) konkrete poëzie (Han Clavin, Ijmuiden)

As set comprising: Nos. 1, 2, 3/4, 5, 6, 8, 9/10, 11, 12 (=last). Ijmuiden, The Subvers Press, Hans Clavin , 1970-1976, unbound, as issued: a very good set with minor flaws
Near complete set of this periodical which is essential to the international history of concrete and visual poetry- Number 1. October 1970. Hans Clavin, The Subvers Press, Ijmuiden. . 56 pp. Glued in wrappers. Handnumbered 287500. Added: specimen copy consisting of several stapled sheets. - Number 2: “Pornographic Poetry”: 24,5x16,5 cm., loose leaves, folder. Color offset. Very good copy. - Number 3/4: subvers 3+4 posters / poems, Bertini, Bory, Clavin, Deman, Lichtenauer, Nannucci, Perfetti, Targowski, Todorovic, Valoch, Wabl., august 1971;Number 5: “Two phonographies” , Herman Damen. 2 contributions: silkscreen disc on golden cardboard and 24 circular pages printed in offset (some foxing , but still quite good), in original envelope (with light traces of humidity) 22x31 cm. edition of 500 numbered copies. - Number 6: “Geschichte” by Peter Meijboom. 24x21cm., stapled, unpaginated. Mimeograph. - Number 8: herman de vries “On Language”. 30x21 cm., softcovers, 23pp recto. Offset, collage. No. 34 of 600 numbered copies. Very good condition. - Number 9/10: “L’Angerie” , Hans Clavin. 21x15 cm., softcovers, unpaginated. Offset, collages. Each page reproduces a classic visual poem that is printed in black and white and in some instances with a highlight color such as red, green or yellow. The work is printed as a book (De Bezige Bij ,Amsterdam) with no designation that it is an issue of Subvers. - Number 11, “Maskers” by Paul de Vree: 16x16 cm, 12 cards in folder (folder very lightly foxed, otherwise fine). Offset. - Number 12 (and last): “Poëzie voor de modale liefhebber “ (Poetry for average amateur). 20,5x14,5 cm., stapled, unpaginated. Mimeograph. No. 19 of 100 numbered copies. Stapled in a page iof glossy paper, apparently from architectural periodical).

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