Nos. 1-4 (all published). Rotterdam (NL), Time Stereo 2000-2006. Orig.pictorial wrappers. 24x17 cm.
Edited by Roland Cornelissen, in collaboration with Paul van der Eerden. Contains work by Brainard (USA), Kalervo Palsa (Fin), Ann Course (UK), Wim (NL), Mohammed (NL), Reginald Drooduin (NL) en Gilgian Gelzer (FR) and is devoted to comic book artists from all over the globe. The first issue of Wormhole features drawings and comics by Fabian Posse, Partie, Tobias Tak, BenSchot, Olaf Brandt, David Bade, Ronald Cornelissen, Ewoud van Rijn, Arnold Mosselman, Elise Tak, Hitoko Sakai, and Koji Tano; later issues with Anold Mosselman (NL), Lizette Daas (NL), Chris Johanson (VS), Gerrit Jan Fukkink (NL), Ben Augustus (NL), Hein Dingemans (NL), Davin Brainard (VS), Koji Tano (JA), Lily van der Stokker (NL), Michael Hurley (VS) en Ronald Cornelissen.

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