45 r.p.m. thin vinyl, Situation 15/A/aug 67: recorded in U.S.A., all rights U.P.S.(underground press syndicate), sonopresse,holland. A: Le Roi Jones, New York Art Quartet.3'35"; B: Poems: Hans Wesseling. 4'22''. In original printed brown kraft sleeve, with black pinted text (see below)
-Freak-in-love-out and it happens…for over.(Hans Wesseling: Who wants yesterday's papers?, Nobody in the world; Jan van de Meer,Winand Mens, Ernst Cats, Enno Veldhuys, Hans Schmidt). Iets-Member, The Hague.) - Black Dada Nihilismus, Le-roi jones new ark detroit, MILWAUKEEE,wahington……

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