RIPPER fanzine. Numbers 1-8 (all publ.) . San Jose,Ca. 1980 - 1982. All eight issues including the impossible-to-find debut issue published as South Bay Ripper. Some foxing/spotting to cover of No. 1.
Complete run of this short-lived Bay Area punk magazine. Editor/publisher: Tim Tonooka, Contributors,art and photos: Camille Iguana, Thom Lukas, Kat, Scarlot Aroma, Kyn Rousseau, Andrew English, Janet Planet, Kevin Animal, Patty Anderson, Earnest Endeavors, Ruick Rabble, Phil Tiger, Tim Tonooka, John Crawford, and others. - Unter Tones, Kerry Loewen, Peter Bloom, Saucers, Black Flag, DOA Spectators, Social Untrets, The Undead, Maximum Rock'n'Roll, The Fix, Bad Brains, etc.

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