How?. Beau Geste Press - Mad Ent. Inc, [print: Agora - Maastricht], 1974 , 20x15,7 cm, orig cover of light brown ondulated thin package-paper, stapled-bound in the spine (with a neat repair). 36 unnunbered pages, 2 original collages on front and on back cover. Printed in blue on white paper. . Libro d’artista collettivo interamente illustrato con disegni di Anton Verhoeveni e immagini fotografiche di Rod Summer, con testi didascalici in lingua inglese di Raul Marroquin. Design di Marjo Schumans. Edizione originale.
Artist book with drawings by Anton Verhoeven, photography Rod Summer, texts in English by Raul Marroquin (in typewriter writing), lay-out:Marjo Schumans. Fluxus-influenced : How to arm a fire brigade? Give them water pistols. How to make the public yell at a horror film? Explode a paper bag at the climax of the picture etc.

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