KUNST/MUSIKK/LITTERATUR 1985 – 1990.Numbers 1-8 (all publ.). Artists’ Magazine published by Idiot Press, Trondheim, Norway Folded “newspaper”, 41.5 x 25 cm, each 20 – 30 page. B+w and color offset. 8 issues:

EUR 1,800.00

Interestingly illustrated mail art and graphic magazine.Texts in Norwegian, English, German. B+w and color offset. -1. PROOFNUMBER (very rare !!!), 2. ART ATTACK, 3. REALLY REAL SERIOUSNESS ARTBEAT , 4. PROPAGANDA, 5. MAIL ART MANIFES, T 6. THE WORDLESS MAGAZINE (encl. is a personal letter of the editor and a leaflet w. infos), 7. BURIAL ISSUE. Anthology about Mail Art. Theory + texts by: Monty Cantsin, Steve Perkins, M. Bloch, G. Bleus, Al Ackerman, H. Mittendorf, G. Perneczky and othersl). Loosely enclosed is a small paper multiple. 8. FLUXUS Performance Workbook. 1990. Together (in very fine condition). Ref. Perneczky.Magazine Network, Cologne, 1993. page 131, 146, 212, 233

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