Nos.1-20 (all pulished). London: H. Bunch Associates, 1972-1975) Stapled wrps., unpaginated (32pp.-46pp.). Formats vary, mostly quarto or small quarto. All in excellent condition.
More or less the successor to OZ-magazine. A rare complete set of all twenty comics published by Felix Dennis's imprint, together with The Trials of Nasty Tales, co-published by H. Bunch "in league with the editors of Nasty Tales" in 1973. Cozmic Comics launched in 1972 and was given further impetus when Felix Dennis and his associate Dick Pountain began looking for new publishing opportunities following the closure of Oz magazine at the end of October 1973. In the beginning mostly reprints of American material but soon featuring the work of individual British artists, most notably Ed Barker, Mike Weller, Joe Petagno and William Rankin (aka Wyndham Raine), it created its own distinctive identity and established itself as most successful British 'underground' of the day.

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