Nummer 1 - 10 (all publ., of which 6 numbers in De-Luxe edition). Düsseldorf. Profil und Galerie Kunst im Salon. 1978 - 1983. Orig. Pictorial wrappers. 21 x 15 cm. In very good condition, except for some occasion light toning and some browning on the spines. In this set 6 numbers are from the de-luxe, numbered 37/50 (the regular edition was 500 copies). The de-luxe numbers contain original signed graphics (as detailed below, all measuring approx. 20x15 cm or smaller). A ltogether there are 26 added originals, all signed by the artists and numbered 37/50. The set is composed as follows: Numbers 1 and 2 (regular editions) Number 3 (although not a numbered de-luxe edition contains on inside cover 3 an original signed pencil-drawing by Klaus Rinke). Number 4 (de-luxe 37/50) with 3 signed originals: Halina Jaworski (Polaroid), Mario Reis (Radierung in Pergamintüte), Yoshio Shirakawa (Stempel und Text in Wachskreide auf Abrissblatt); (Frontcover has a few spots in the right upper part). Number 5 (de-luxe 37/50) with 5 signed originals: Franco Campana (Radierung), Otto Piene (mit Filzstift ummalter Offsetdruck, 59/80), Klaus Ritterbusch (Kolorierter Offsetdruck), Keiji Uematsu (Blesitiftzeichnung und Offset), Van den Valentyn (Text), Number 6 (de luxe 37/50) with 3 signed originals: W. E. Herbst (Linolschnitt), Barbara Petri (Kolorierter Offsetdruck), Johannes Lenhart (Materialcollage), Number 7 (de luxe 37/50) with 2 originals: Christoph Ingenhoven(Siebdruck), Tomas Schmitt (Künstlerbuch); Number 8 (de luxe 37/50) with 6 originals: Heinz Scharbert (Radierung), Tatsuo Tsuda (Übermalte Materialcollage), Bernard Bazile (Foto), Wolfgang Döring (mit Wachskreide kolorierter Offsetdruck auf transparentem Pergamin), Hildegard Schöneck (Zeichnung, Buntstift), Erwin Heerich (Offsetdruck); Number 9 (de luxe 37/50) with 6 originals: Rüdiger Kramer (Radierung), Helmut Sundhaußen (Siebdruck), Hella Lütgen (kolorierter Offsetdruck), Johannes Erdmann (Radierung), Paul Wienand (Aquarell), Wolfgang Stickel (kolorierter Offsetdruck). Number 10 (regular edition). With contributions by Joseph Beuys, Theo Lambertin, Günther Uecker, Fritz Schwegler, Erika Kiffl.

EUR 2,500.00

Edited by Hans Georg Ruckes, editorial board Fr.Becker, W.Döring, Harald K.Hülsmanb. Helga Meister,Stephan v.Wiese, With contributions by Joseph Beuys, Theo Lambertin, Günther Uecker, Fritz Schwegler, Erika Kiffl., Dubbick, Hülsmann, Piene, Uematsu, Petri, Ingenhofen, Döring, Kratzer, Lambertin, Winkler, Thiede, Klaus Rinke, Nishikawa, Overdiek, Peetzinka, Pesch and others. Number 4 is special: Kunstpomade. Haar-Scharf (Kunst im Salon).

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