Tweemaandelijks tijdschrift voor wetenschappelijk amusement (Utopia. Bi-monthly for scientific entertainment),

COMPLETE SET together with some ORIGINAL DESIGNS. Numbers 1-10. 1975-1978 1975 - 1977. Together with the 2 Thematic supplements (all published). Variously produced issues in different formats and paper. Complete sets are quite rare because of the small edition of the first issues, TOGETHER WITH: The original DESIGNS for the issues 1, 3, 5, 6 and the special issue on J.M. JUJOL, together on ±55 lvs., mostly w. mounted letterpress articles, illustrations and original drawings. (Note:- Mounted letterpress articles partly loose(ning). = With numerous manuscript directions for the printer in blank margins. The original drawings comprise two comics and a drawing by CHIEL (VAN DER STELT) ("Mr. Fluxus comments...", "Fluxus heeft druk werk", "Utopia gaat gewoon door!", pen and felt-tip pen, 1x dated "'76"), an anonymous drawing "Maarten Pedroli's Tofplof automaat" and various designs of the frog that was used for the frontwrapper of Utopia 5.

EUR 3,500.00

Redactie / edited by: Hans Oldewarris, Hans Kamphuis, Jan Pesman, Peter de Winter. Variously produced issues in various formats and paper. An important and very remarkable periodical on innovative and creative design.
Nr. 1. "Various articles with supplement : Guitar with electronics" Oktober 1975. Edition: 300
Nr. 2. Stefan Schlesinger and Van Houten, 3-d.postcards, supplement "Een I.Q. kleurentelevisie" . Various articles. On the cover a bathing cap designed by architect H. Th. Wijdeveld in the 1920s. March 1976. Edition: 300
Nr. 3. Prijsvraag voor een restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan. Op de omslag het winnende ontwerp van Jan Benthem / Competition for a restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan. On the cover the winning entry by Jan Benthem. May 1976. Edition: 500
Nr. 4. From the archives of Hergé and Speer, Joe Colombo, Cthulhu-mythology. September 1976. With the cigarette-paperbook attached. Edfion: 500
N r. 5. Superimposed plates. January 1977. dition: 750 Nr. 6. Dutch pavilions at World Exhibitions, The car as ornament.
Nr. 7. Water towers and solar energy. 1977. Edition of 1500 copies. Druk Twigt B.V. Gouda. In transparent plastic tube. (5 sheets of 30x90 cm,printed on one side in blue, rolled into the tube; later these were cut again and stapled together).
Nr. 8. Schrijfmachines / Typewriters. Met bijdragen van / with contributions by W.F. Hermans, Rudy Kousbroek, Piet Grijs. Complete with the Samples of Carbon-paper (inside) and Correction-foil.
Nr. 9. Televisie / Television. (With complete script of Utopia TV-program on the future developments of television.
Nr. 10. (also numbered as Jrg. 3 ( september1978 American Paperback Cover Art. Met bijdragen van / with contributions by Hans Oldewarris, Mark Schaffer, Piet Schreuders, Ed Schilders, Thomas L. Bonn, Huib Opstal. Edition: 2000 ex. TOGETHER WITH: - Utopia - special. (1) Speciale uitgave Architekt JUJOL 1879 – 1949 Samenstelling / compiled by Rein Saariste, Dolf Dobbelaar, Joris molenaar, Paul de Vroom. bouwplaat / Cardbord model: Kees Christiaanse. Limited ed. in cardboard box. 500 copies.November 1976 - Utopia - special 2. DWL-brochure met voorstel tot het vestigen van een werkgemeenschap in het watertorencomplex op het voormalige Drinkwaterleidingterrein in Rotterdam /DWL-brochure with the proposal to set up a working community in the watertowercomplex in Rotterdam. Samenstelling / Compiled by Hans Oldewarris, Peter de Winter, Victor Mani, Hans Werlemann. (This volume very rare as it was only given to the town council members at that time in Rotterdam. Just 150 copies)

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