Bazon BROCK (Bernhard Jäger, Thomas Bayerle).

Galerie Dorothea Loehr, Frankfurt a/M. (FLUXUS)

Bloom Zeitung 1963. Newspaper printed in red and black with half-tone photographs sheet: 55.25 × 38.1 cm. Designed like an issue of the Bild Zeitung. Folded twice, in perfect mint condition. The reverse-side folded out has in very large letters "BLOOM" and served a a poster for the Gallery Dorothea Loehr, commemorating Ulysses Bloomsday.

EUR 200.00

Vostell, Wolf - Bazon Brock, Bernhard Jäger, Thomas Bayerle [Herausgeber]: Bloom Zeitung - [Bloomzeitung]. Galerie Dorothea Loehr, Frankfurt am Main, 16. Juni 1963. Frankfurt am Main. Galerie Dorothea Loehr. 1963 -