ta'BOX (TA-BOX) & TA:

Collection of the Danish Fluxus Group in Copenhagen consisting of: -TA' Nos. 1-8. 1967-1968, with TA 6 1/2. 22,5x15,5 cm, orig.illustrated wrappers, (each number ca. 40 pages). Illustrated. Covers by Paul Gernes. Together with: No. 6 1/2, 30,5x22 cm., 40 pages, b/w. (some folding/double pages). Together with portfolio green card with beige lettering: Anonymiteter.Kommunikationszoner, Lunds Kunsthall 267/1-19/2-19568. Loos sheets(Works by Paul Gernes, Egon Fischer,Per Kirkeby,Peter Louis-Jensem, a.o. (sides rubbed, spine damaged). -Together with: ta'Box. Nos. 1-4 (all publ.) Copenhagen, 1969-1970. Loose contributions of various artists, contained in the original 4 plastic bags, some with painted artwork applied on the outside,

EUR 3,000.00

Published by the Fluxus group in Copenhagen at the small press Panel 13 (Fluxus Zone Nord, Distribuere af Panel 13, /Oster Voldgade 14, 1350 Kbh). The contributors to this Assembling were entirely Danish writers, poets and artists. It is heavily focused on literature as well as Fluxus and Neo-Dada objects and notes. It was the sequel to 'TA: 'Distribuere af Panel 13, 'ta was published in 8 numbers 1967-1968. Contains work by and edited by Erik Thygesen, Peter Louis-Jensen, Hans-J/orgen Nielsen, Poul Nielsen, Kristen Bj/orkjaer, Henning Christiansen, Per Kirkeby, Bengt af Klintberg, Jorgen Leth, Vagn Lundbye. Contributions by Alan Kaprow, Jane Pedersen,Josef Beuys, Jens Brincker, Ofelias Blomsetr, Sivert Libdblom, a.o. Ta Box is Ostensibly complete for the content', in the original plastic pouches, some with artwork applied to the outside, and with very mixed content as xeroxes, pamphlets, small objects, a dried pineapple, etc. but it has been inpossible to check for absolute completeness.

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