Arts, Communication, Environment; A World Review.

Vol. 1 no 1-3 (all published). New York: Wittenborn, Schulz, 1950-52. Original wrappers (covers slightly rubbed with light shaving of the colour). But altogether a very good set.

EUR 800.00

Edited by Harry Holtzman. Early attempt at bridging the gap between art and science this publication includes contributors in many fields: S.I. Hayakawa, Alfred H. Barr Jr., Buckminster Fuller, Le Corbusier, Nicolas Calas, Bernard Rudofsky, Gyorgy Kepes, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Einstein, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, John Cage (Feldman,Boulez,Wolff) , Willem de Kooning, Piet Mondrian, Nicolas Calas, ,Alberto Giacometti, Benjamin Péret. Each issue contains one of Ad Reinhardt's "comics" commenting on the art scene (Museum Landscape; Museum Racing Form; Art of Life of Art)

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