Nos. 1-58 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1964-1971. Original pictorial wrappers;all issues in the original imprint, well preserved set.
two copies of UIT GANDALF GOED VOOR U (Amsterdam 1968, 1st and 2nd edition., plates, orig. unif. wr. Frontwr. of second ed. sl. waterstained).
Dutch countercultural magazine, inspired by the Hippies, the sexual revolution and the Provo movement, published monthly, issues of ab. 50/60 pp. each, with numerous (provo-cative) photographs and ills., very typical for the sixties' , edited by and with contribs. of: Peter Hamelink, Guus Dijkhuizen, S. Carmiggelt, J. v. Hattum, Jef Last, Heere Heeresma, D.H. van Proosdey (Dichterskring), J.W. Holsbergen, Ch.B. Timmer, R. Campert, Guus Vleugel, Bibeb, Willem, Michiel de Ruyter, J. Waasdorp, K. Soudijn, P. Andriesse, L.P. Boon, R. Chapkis, J.A. Deelder, P. Grijs, J.W. Holsbergen, F. Pointl, J. Waasdorp, J. Wolkers. W. Noordhoek, Bertrand. Photos by F. Laufer, P. Boersma, E. v. Moerkerken, D. v.d. Klei, Peter Dicampo, Arn. Steenkamp. Erotic and provocative photography, Ills. by Wolinski, Barbieri, Bertrand (erotic drawings) and many others.

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