"The Mechanism of Brainbloodvolume ('BBV')" (also known as "Homo Sapiens Correctus")

The mechanism of brainbloodvolume / Hugo Bart Huges. Amsterdam, Foundation for Independent Thinking . 1964-1965 (?) 15 pages stapled to illustrated front wrapper (lightly stained), oblong 8vo. 22 x 34 cm. 26 coloured illustrations. Stapled as issued. On the last page a "colophon": "A publication of the Foundation for Independent Thinking (F.I.T.)", with address and price detail below. Book publication parallel to the famous scrolls, essentially the same texts and illustrations.

EUR 3,000.00

On january the 6th 1965 the Dutchman Bart Huges, also known as Hughes operated himself with an electric dril (Black & Decker), a surgical knife, and a hypodermic syringe for the local anesthetic. The operation tookalmost an hour. He was the first self trepanator of the world. The reason was his 'discovery': "The mechanism of brainbloodvolume". Through trepanation Huges claimed an increase in brain blood volume. His aim was to reach an higher consiousness, like in using drugs (LSD etc...). Through the trepanation there is an enhancing of the cerebral metabolism in a similar matter with ginkgo biloba. There are no really published results of these claims by Huges. In the 60's Huges ideas were very popular and has been influenced a British group of self trepanator's, followers of our Dutch friend. One is Joe Mellen the translator of this work and author of wellknown book "Bore Hole". The wife of Mellen, Amanda Feilding, was also wellknow in the trepanation inner circle. All three were strong advocates of self-trepanation. Huges wrote more books, but in this special work he tried to explain his theories with a kind of scientific base. Huges studied medicine at the Amsterdam Univerisity, but "leaved" the University. He had almost finished his studies and got no medical degree. (Though often Huges named himself Dr. Huges). He failed for the obstetrics examen. The mechanism isn't really a book on trepanation, but a text on his thoughts on the brainbloodvolume. Very scarce only two copies in Dutch public Libraries. (Leiden and Amsterdam) No copies in any libraries outside the Netherlands. First and only edition. The book has a typoscript colophon: "A publication of the foundation for independant thinking (F.I.T.) P.O. Box 10458 Amsterdam Price f. 10,- Postage included Payments through Amro Bank Haarlemmerplein Amsterdam" The price was really high at that date 10 Dutch guilders. Only a few copies stil exists of this finely illustrated work.