Simon VINKENOOG (and others)

Paradiso-Calypso Show

Read and Hook Up! Please (Paradiso 10.6.77). -Plain card file with 16 stencilled sheets (black on white paper) produced on the spot during the Paradiso-Calypso-show (10.6.77) of Hans Plomp, Simon Vinkenoog, Steef Davidson, Huib Schreurs, Amsterdam, 10 juni, 1977. Rare collection.

EUR 1,000.00

A collection of texts/drawings/ caricatures made by the participants of the "party" (Paradiso Calypso Show), Fierce anarchist texts, in protest of the armed action to free the hostages in the train occupied by Molukkans (Government Murder Plot on Train), against the governement (Den Uyl), and the Royal Family (mostly Bernard), texts influenced by drugs during the Apo-Calypso Show, Texts by Plomp, Davidson, Vinkenoog, Schreurs, William Levty, Bert Griepink,Aad Veldhoen, Billy,Bert,Albert etc.

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