Number 16 (=last issue published) . . Buffalo: Mike Aldrich, Jan.-Feb. 1968. Mimeographed sheets of varying colors stapled at one corner. One of 300 copies evidently out of the English Dept. SUNY at Buffalo (SUNYAB).
Edited by Michael Aldrich. This is the "Mantra" issue dedicated to Allen Ginsberg who was making an appearance in Buffalo, also the fnal issue. Virtually all content by Aldrich, an exception being a letter to him from Ginsberg, a page of Mantras "as taught by AG", and a reprinted essay by Ginsberg on mantras. Other work includes reviews of The Fugs and Dylan albums. Mike Aldrich was a doctoral student at UB and began a LEMAR (legalize marijuana) chapter on campus. (There is much online regarding "Dr. Dope" as he became known and the "Fiedler Scandal".) An early artifact in the legalization of marijuana, by one of the founders indeed scholars of the movement. It is likely that the last few pages are missing as references to a review of the Rolling Stones album and "the latest on the Fiedler Case" intimate that pages are not present. Otherwise, with faults like a coffee ring stain, a good copy. Even incomplete it is rare - only seven institutions hold copies of any issue (only a couple with this issue) as found on WorldCat or commerce as of 10/18/18.