(Editors: David Mayor & Felipe Ehrenberg). Cranleigh & Mexico, Beau Geste Press -Libro Accion Libre.

Nos. (1)-8 (=last). Beau Geste Press/Libro Accion Libre, Devon, U.K. & Mexico, 1974-1976. All in original pictorial wrappers, unpaginated; 29,5x21 cm. ( No. 1). Schmuck presents Real Schmuck. March 1972. (No. 2). Icelandic artists. July 1972, (No. 3). Hungarian Schmuck. March/April 1973. (No.4). Aktual Czechoslovakia Schmuck. (1963-1972). 1974. 4to. Original wrappers. No. 5: 1975. General Schmuck! Typo-pictorial card wrappers designed by Takako Saito. Edition of 550 copies. No. 6: French Schmuck. November 1975. 4to. Pictorial wrappers, double bound, mimeograph, offset, collages, etc. Edition of 550 copies. No. 7: Teutonic Schmuck. December 1975. 4to. Original wrappers. Edition of 400 copies. No. 8 (Final issue). Japanese Schmuck. Spring 1976. 4to. Original wrappers. Edition of 500 copies. Contributions by Saito, Shiomi, Takahashi, et al . Added: H. Yoshida, “1971.7.4:p.m. 2:00-4:00”. Some paperspotting in no 1 due to paper qualiy, otherwise the set in excellent condition.

EUR 9,000.00

Extremely rare complete set of this artist/Fluxus periodical by Beau Geste Press, edited by David Mayor and Philippe Ehrenberg. Composed of printed multiples, object-inserts & tipped-in pieces by the contributing authors and artists. Beau(tiful) Geste is a contamination with Gestetner, the brand of the stencil/multiplying machine the publisher used. Schmuck is the name given to this publication, meaning 'penis' in Yiddish and 'idiot'in American slang. - (No. 1) (March 1972). Ed. D. Mayor und F. Ehrenberg. Illustrated covers, bound w. 2 plastic clips, color reproductions, mimeographed texts, original contributions and inserts u.a. . 29,5 x 20,5 cm. Unpaginated (64pp.). Contributors include Ken Friedman (notes on 'Concept Art'); Anthony McCall; Graham Keen; Hammond Guthrie; Monte Cazazza; Michael Gibbs; Opal L. Nations; Carolee Schneemann (from 'Parts of a Body House Book'); Michael Hollingshead; and Egg Placement Group ('What Is Housework?'). Fluxshoe flyer loosely inserted. Loosely encl. is an object by Michael Schultz (a dead fly in a slide-frame w. a silver foil attached to a cardboardstrip) Made in approx. 100 copies only. Very rare, very fine. (No. 2) The Iceland Issue. 1972. Beau Geste Press, Cullompton, Devon, England Pictoral covers, 30 x 21 cm, approx. 50 pp. stenciled texts, b+w illustr. some original artworks (collage etc.) This issue, concentrating on Fluxus-artists from Iceland K. Gudmundsson, Hrein Fridfinnsson, H. Svavarsdottir, Siggi Gudmundsson, is extremely scarce. Made in 300 copies only. Fine condition. - (No. 3). Hungarian Schmuck. March/April 1973. 78 unnumbered pages, including artwork, collage,cutouts. photographs, etc.; mimeographed in various colours. Contributors: Gabor Attalai, Imre Bak, Istvan Balint, Laszlo Beke, Peter Donatgh, Miklos Erdely, Peter Eötvös, Tibor Gayor, Béla Hap,Agnes Hay, Tamas Hencze, G.Jovanovicz, Gyula Konkolty, Peter Legendy, Peter Lajtai, Janos Major, Dora Maurer, Gyula Pauer, Geza Perneczy, Tamas Szentjoby, Endre Tót, Peter Türk, Janos Urban. - (No. 4:) January 1974. Selection & design by Milan Knizak. 60 unnumbered pages, printed in b/w and red, copyright Aktual CSSR, texts,photos,drawings,ideas by Sona Svecova, Helena Popisilova, Robert Wittmann, J.Patocka,Zdenko Zizkova,Jan Maria Mach, V.Korejz,M.Marik,Milan Knizak. - No. 5: Contributions by Dick Higgins, Michael Gibbs, Felipe Ehrenberg, Robin Crozier, Jiri Valoch, Takako Saito, a.o. With additional booklet: The Intermediary: The first lecture”. - No. 6: Put together by Jean-Clarence Lambert; includes contribs. by Ben Vautier, R. Filliou, C. Dotremont, H. Chopin, M. Lemaitre, J. Le Gac, M. Broodthaers, C. Boltanski, M. Alocco. With additional booklet: Ben Vautier’s "Me Ben I Sign”. - No. 7: Includes contribs. by Dietrich Albrecht, Bulkowski, K. Groh, R. Hannes, M. Kunz, etc. W. Feelisch, L. Gosewitz, D. Iannone, Hans Werner kalkmann, Milan Kunz, W. Vostell a.o. . W. Feelisch, L. Gosewitz, D. Iannone, Hans Werner Kalkmann, Milan KunzW. Vostell a.o.l. Complete with added booklet, held in a pocket on the back-wrapper: K. Groh’s, Art impressions. USA and Canada” - No. 8: Edited by Felipe Ehrenberg, and David Mayor in conjunction with guest editors Taii Ashizawa and Takehisa Kosugi.This number devoted to works by Japanese Fluxus and affiliated artists. Includes tipped-in pieces on tissue, wax and reflective paper, as well as cut-outs. Contributions by Takako Saito (partner of David), Shiomi, Takahashi, and others. Includes additional booklet: H. Yoshida, 1971. 7.4: p.m. 2:00-4:00”

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