International Edition.

Nos. 1-6 (all publ.). Hengelo (The Netherlands), Copenhagen, Paris, May 1962 - 15 Dec. 1964. 4to; original lithographed wrappers. (first 3 issues spine-stapled, nos.3-6 perfect bound.) Nos. 1and 2 printed on paper of different colours and sizes. No. 6 with 33 original colour lithographs. Complete set, in excellent condition,

EUR 3,000.00

Edited and published by Jacqueline de Jong (first 2 nos. With Noël Arnaud) in an edition of 1000 copies for the first issues, thereafter expanding to about the double. De Jong created this periodical as an answer to her expulsion from the International Situationist group for her sympathies for the german Spur Group. This first Number is largely devoted to the differences inside the Situationists and defends Spur. Contribs. by Wolvercamp, de Jong, Armando, Vanderkamm, Art Group SPUR, de Boer, Edle Hansen, Singer, Fazarkely, Max Bucaille, G. Hay, A.sger Jorn, Peter Schat, N. Arnaud, P. Alechinsky, B. Vian, and many others. No. 1 No. 3 is 'International British Edition'; No. 4 devoted to labyrinths; No. 5 to the ring; No. 6 (International Parisian Edition) contains 33 original lithographs printed in 4 colours (Alechinsky, Lourdes Castro, Bertholo, Klasen, Jorn, W. Lam, R. Matta, Topor, Saura, Biasi, de Pezzo, Soerensen, etc.