Bolletino aperiodico di informazione sulle forme e le attività della poesia avanzata.

Nos.1-3 ( all published) . Milano, Edizioni Tool. 1 april 1968 - 17 ottobre 1970. Orig.wrappers, or loose as issued. Number 2 still in the original plastic wrapper. Together with: - Poster on the occasion of First Exhibition on Tool Center: Takahashi Shohachiro: photopoems, bookpoems. blockpoems environmental circuits. Tool Center. Milan. 11th - 22th January of 1971. 49´5 x 35 cms. Offset on paper. Condition: Very good. With four folds how it was sent by the postal service.
Assembled magazine and magazine as object of art -Number 1. 1 aprile 1968. Redattore: Carrega. 23 sheets,stencilled,recto only, 29,5x21cm, stapled on top; cover by Alberto Grifi. Lossely inserted a subscription form on pink, and a large folding poster:Anaexplosion.La Nuova anarchia.7/1/68 Genova. Light toning, good condition. -Number 2. 17 june 1969. Editor: Ugo Carrega. Publisher: Centro Tool, Milan. Dimensions: Diverse. 19 sheets, unnumbered, mostly folding and with illustrations in b/w, Stencilled. Binding: Folded, stapled and loose pages. It has no covers, contained in ( original ?) plastic pouch, With loosely inserted a booklet of 12 pages on yellow stock, stapled together, 5x21 cm., plus another stapled booklet of 4 pages on yellow stock,5x21 cm., with the names of the participating artists: Michele Perfetti, Madeline Gins, Pantabox, Landi, Blazek, Nebesky, Valoch, Carregam Zurbrugg, Bentivoglio, Ulrichs, Caruso, Hans Clavin, Accame, Etlinger, a.o. Condition: Very good. Yellowed-age toning. Loosely inserted: Universal Declaration for the Rights of Man; and a Signatories form for the Abolition of Military Service (both in Italian). - Number: 3. 17 october 1970. Authors & Editors: Ugo Carrega and Tomaso Kemeny. Publisher: Centro Tool, Milan. Cover: work by Tomaso Kemeny. 21 x 21 cm. 14 pages. unnumbered. Stencilled on paper (inside) or on cardboard (covers).black ink. Binding: White plastic sliding rod. Condition: Very good. Yellowed-age toning. Contributions by: John Furbival, Magd.Mussio, N.Garnier, Sarenco, J.F.Bory, A.L.Totino, Julian Blaine, Anzelm Hollo, Finlay, V.Accame, a.o,. Kitasono Katué, Edg.A.Vigo, Jochen Gerz, Eugen Gomringer, Clemente Padi, Jan Hamilton Finlay, Jean Claude Moineau, Eug.Miccini, Giuseoppe Chiari, Mario Diacono

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