Vol. 1-4 (all publ. as periodical portfolios). Berlin, 1966-1967. Each volume a cardstock portfolio containing (ca 50) loose-leaf plates, in b/w and colour, each measuring 23 x 23 cm. made exclusively for this publication. Each vol. complete with al the sheets (except vol. 4 without the plastic foil by K.Lueg). The set in near mint condition.
Full set of this artist publication, important for conceptual art and visual poetry, edited by Bernhard Höke (vol. 4 by Rochus Kowallek, entitled Deutschland Report). Each volume complete with the required 50 plates (except for one missing work by K.Lueg in vol. 4) measuring 23 x 23 cm, some double and folded, and a few folded posters, photomontages, typographical art, serigraphies etc depicting work of the most important contemporary artists. Volume 1: containing works by M. Bense, G. Brecht, R. Filliou, Gomringer, Ben Vautier, W. Vostell, E. Williams a.o.; Vol. 2: containing works by E. Andresen, L. Gosewitz, B. Höke, J. Kolar, R. Lichtenstein, B. Lüthi, Nam June Paik, D. Roth, W. Vostell, a.o.; Volume 3: containing works by B. Brecht, Christo, H. Gravenhorst, J. Hidalgo, B. Höke, F. Köther, B. Lüthi, B. Vautier, Vostell, St. Wewerka, a.o. (but lacking L. Lonidier); Vol. 4 (= Deutschland Report) containing works by J. Beuys, KP Brehmer, H. Mack, O. Piene, S. Polke, G. Richter, G. Uecker, Vostell, a.o.;
This is compklete for the puvblication as portfolio-albums. There were lateron 3 monographic volumes published, numbered 13-15 (some separately available); no volumes were published for numbers 5-12.