Vol. 1-4 (all publ. as periodical portfolios). Berlin, 1966-1967. Each volume a cardstock portfolio containing (ca 50) loose-leaf plates, in b/w and colour, each measuring 23 x 23 cm. made exclusively for this publication. Each vol. complete with al the sheets (except vol. 4 without the plastic foil by K.Lueg). The set in near mint condition.

EUR 2,000.00

Full set of this artist publication, important for conceptual art and visual poetry, edited by Bernhard Höke (vol. 4 by Rochus Kowallek, entitled Deutschland Report). Each volume complete with the required 50 plates (except for one missing work by K.Lueg in vol. 4) measuring 23 x 23 cm, some double and folded, and a few folded posters, photomontages, typographical art, serigraphies etc depicting work of the most important contemporary artists. Volume 1: containing works by M. Bense, G. Brecht, R. Filliou, Gomringer, Ben Vautier, W. Vostell, E. Williams a.o.; Vol. 2: containing works by E. Andresen, L. Gosewitz, B. Höke, J. Kolar, R. Lichtenstein, B. Lüthi, Nam June Paik, D. Roth, W. Vostell, a.o.; Volume 3: containing works by B. Brecht, Christo, H. Gravenhorst, J. Hidalgo, B. Höke, F. Köther, B. Lüthi, B. Vautier, Vostell, St. Wewerka, a.o. (but lacking L. Lonidier); Vol. 4 (= Deutschland Report) containing works by J. Beuys, KP Brehmer, H. Mack, O. Piene, S. Polke, G. Richter, G. Uecker, Vostell, a.o.;
This is compklete for the puvblication as portfolio-albums. There were lateron 3 monographic volumes published, numbered 13-15 (some separately available); no volumes were published for numbers 5-12.