Gerrit Jan de ROOK.

Stempelkunst / Stamp-Art 1975.

STEM-PELK-UNST * STAMP-ART! Gerrit Jan de Rook (editor). D’Hoogt, 1975. The True FIRST EDITION ! Softcover; 30 x 21 cm, in a white clip binding with a cover rubber stamped in red. Inside pages printed in black and white. Unpaginated (ca. 160 pp.)

EUR 1,000.00

Survey of stamp art edited by the concrete and visual poet G. J. de Rook with contributions by over one hundred artists, mail artists, concrete poets e.g. Albrecht D., Anna Banana, Mirella Bentivoglio, Michel Bertrand, Peter van Beveren, Robin Crozier, Ecart, John Evans, Robert Filliou, Bill Gaglione, Johan van Geluwe, Les Levine, Maurizio Nannucci, Tom Ockerse, Clemente Padín, Genesis P-Orridge, G. J. de Rook, Endre Tót, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Ulay, Jirí Valoch, Ad Gerritsen, Michael Gibbs, Timm Ulrichs, Herman de Vries et al. In very fine condition. Rare.