Artists Magazine/ The Basic Magazine of Marginal Desires.

Together 10 issues: Nos. 1, 1/12, 2 - 8 and 12. Joachim Frank, Workspace Loft, Albany, NY, USA. 1979 – 1984. Added: TEN (10) PROP-magazine-Newsletter and WORLSPACE LOFT (=editor of PROP)-Newletters each is a folded sheet w. infos and some with illustrations. Issues 1977 - 1980,plus two orig. postmarked envelopes and a signed letter by Joachim Frank. Note: rare ensemble, Prop seems to have been published till no. 16.
An Artists' Magazine published Joachim Frank (recent Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry), and his Workspace Loft Albany, NY. -No 1: March 1979. Options of the Past, What is Art (Quotes from M.Duchamp, Beuys,Weiner, etc.) by Chris Waters; Joachim Frank; Aaron Flores; Max Semois;Lauren Jess; Greg Hymes, etc - No. 1 1/2: Superman vs. Tomorrow. 1979. Edited and designed by Joachim Frank. b+w ill. of collages, texts, statements. On the situation of using nuclear energy in Germany. 15 pp. - No. 2: Your Problem is Our Business. 1979. Ed. by G.C. Haymes and Theo Dorian. Collages and Texts. : Ed Atkeson. Myla Pesnichak. Lon Spiegelman. Viola B. Adams. Jill Shore. Ed Varney. Bowtie Blotto. Jo Denali. Hosea Frank. Art C. Phatze. Joachim Frank. Roxy Victoria. Rober Durlak. Delux, Philemon. Mikel Harwood. Barbara Aubin. Toute la Gang. Fred Kweicien. Aaron Flores. R. Dick Trace-It. Bart Plantenga. Roxanne Storms. Michael Stiles. LeClair. Jim Woodward. 24 pp. - No. 3 - Arts Magazine – December 1979. List of contents. Joachim Frank. Jan Galligan. Peter Below. Allen Morris. Jean Pierre Bretaudiere. Daniel Sperber. Steven Durland. Adriane Verschoor. Robert Durlak. Falves Silva. Jorge Caraballo. Ray Johnson's NOTHING. David Bourdon. Collages and Texts. 28 pp. - No. 4 - Literary Issue May 1980. Edited by Jessica Lawrence. : Ed Atkeson. Joachim Frank. Roland Feldspahr. Dorothy L. Rose. Lon Spiegelman. Adriane Verschoor. Michael Kase. Guy R. Beining. John M. Benning. Luna Bisonte Prods. Meg Smith. T. J. Kallsen. A. J. Wright. Cynde Gregory. Ralph Fusco. Stu Horn. Sue Medyn. D. Sullivan. Tom Holecek. Dennis Sullivan. Nancy Sue Pistorius. Joan Colby. Collages and Texts. 28 pp. - No. 5 - Vision and Supervision Fall 1980. (cover partly printed in red) Edited by Ed Atkeson and Joachim Frank. Ernst Volland. Vittore Baroni. Alagmir Hashmi. Adriane Verschoor. Werner Lorenzen. Peter Zingsheim. Reindeerwerk Associates. Tom Eiling Lomholt Formular Press. Sandie Shaw. Opal Louis Nation. DKeson. Stu Hn. Edgar-Antonio Vigo. Sam McPheeters. SPUDZ (Kees Francke). . 28 pp. -No. 6 - off and running - April 1981. (cover partly handcolored) Edited by Joachim Frank and Carol Tansey. : Ed Atkeson. Hosea Frank. Werner Lorenzen. V.E. Emmett. Adriana Verschoor. Jacques Carrie. Peter West. W. Goldfarb. Guy R. Beining.David Vadja. A.G. Bell. Bart Platenga. Dr. Ackerman. Richard C. Jeff Branin. Marin van Heel. Opal Louis Nations. R. Prost. Alexander Z. Kristian Berg. Roland Feldspahr. Howard Winn. Martin VI. G Barchenger. Susan Medyn. Seni P. Musus. Musicmaster. 28 pp. Includes the poem "ALPHA WAVES" by Jo Frank (fundamental discoveries with implications for our understanding of neurotransmission by glutamate) - No. 7 -– December 1981. BREAKFAST IN TORONTO! December 1981. Edited by Joachim Frank. : Carol Tansey. Ed Atkeson. Ulysses Carrion. Alan Catlin. Piotr Rypson. Cracker Jack Kid. Adriana Verschoor. David Vadja. Monica Rex. V.J. Emmett, Jr. Vittore Baroni. Opal Louis Nations. Harry Yokohoma. Paul Rutkovshy. Jeanne Finley. Marin van Heel. Spencer Livingston. Stu Horn. Richard Kelly. Warriors of Mars. Peter Below. Werner Lorenzen. Jacques Carrie. Bart Plantenga. R. Feldspahr. Musicmaster. Lucas Conde. Ruggero Maggi. Willy Buchholz. Peter West. Carlo Pittore. Lydia Tomkiw. Michael Scott. Hosea Frank. Lyn Lifshin. Daniele Ciullini. Hanna Bremer. Stevdio LeClair. Steven Durland. Collages and Texts. 28 pp. - No. 8 – December 1982. HELLO HALEY!!! December 1982. Edited by Joachim Frank. Louise Krasniewicz and Joachim Frank. : Lou Macellaro. Hosea Frank. Rene Aeberhard. Peter West. Thom Metzger. Jim Torrey. Adriana Verschoor. PiotrRypson. Michael Radermacher. David Vadja. Frank Ananicz. Janice Eidus. Loris Essary. John M. Bennett. Stephen Fisher. Bob Snyder. Guy R. Beining. John Crowford. Jefferey Marks. Collages and Texts. 28 pp. - No. 12: Edited together with Louise Krasniewicz. "More than 100 Post Historicai Documents"were sent tio Pro; they will be exhibited thisSummer in theAlbany area; Prop no. 12 is a catalogue of this show." Reference for PROP: Perneczky.- The Magazine Network – page 66 + 250 (Writing and visual gutsy, bizarre, political; Anti Isolation)

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