Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (= last publ.). Roma, editione Ex., 1 giugno 1963-1968. Various sizes, bound card, loose in orig.boards container, last number a poster, folded. Light soilage to some of the covers. Extremely rare complete ensemble of published issues; no 4 (which was published as looose posters rolled into a -cardboard tube) does not have the tube and lacks 2 of the 16 posters;(details see below), otherwise in fine condition, flat and not folded. See Maffei/Peterlini p.92. Here (nor in the numbers themselves) no index of the items contained so that an absolute exact collation (except for No. 4) is not possible. We have indicated how manyf items are contained in each number of this set, whichmakes the impression of being complete.

EUR 5,000.00

Concrete poetry publication. Contains broadsides by: John Cage: Conferenza su qualcosa; Mario Diacono: M'; S.M.Martini: Para x Logismata; Emilio Villa: Anatomie; N.F. Simpson: Piccolo libro; Emilio Villa: Le Lilber Mutus; Emilio Villa: Tabula Absphixoria; Mario Diacono: Fet Ich Es. No. 1. Numero/ Neombre/ NéhommeRR/ Nehemero/ Nuemère/ Noomero/ Nomero/ NéentreEtc./ Neumero/ Mauombre/ Neomero/ Nihombre/ Noumero/ Numoir/ Noomerit/ Nauhomero/ Néembre 1. Roma, giugio 1963 (Lungotevere Artigiani, 10, Tip. La Litograf. A cura di Emilio Villa e di Mario Diacono e di Gianni Debernardi. 8 broadsides sheets folded to 4to size, contained in original brown porttfolio of heavy card, with imprint on the front cover in silver & black. Emilio Villa, Mario Diacono, John Cage, Stelio Maria Martini, N.F.Simpson. (Ciontains a total of 11 folded items of different sizes. - No. 2: Emilio Vila. La Liberté et la mort. Loose leaves in a card container.: Broadsides and mimeographs, folded, by Emilio Villa, Adriano Spatola, Jean Jacques Lebel, Antonin Artaud, Patricia Vicinelli, Paolo Lionni, a.o.; 14 folded items plus titlelage; - No. 3. marzo-dicembre 1965. Broadsides and mimeographs, folded, different sizes., Emilio Villa, J.J.Lebel, François Dufrene, Pastrizia Vicinelli, William Burroughs, a.o; a total of 11 items contained in a card folder with lterring in brown; the folder with light damage at the folds. - No. 4, 1968 (aprile), 14 posters 69x49 cm. Numero pubblicato sotto la direzione di Emilio Villa e Jean Jacques Lebel. Note: 2 posters are missing as is the cardboard tube. No. 5. folded poster, 83x 64,5, printed in green and red on white paper, folded to 32x21 cm. Emilio Vila, Jean Jacques Lebel. Edizione straordinario per un assassino, Ben1968. (Maffei/Peterlini p.92)