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Assembling by Guy Schraenen, Antwerp. A.S.P.C. 1977. 19 various documents,loose leaves in the original envelope. 30x22 cm. Offset, mimeograph, rubber stamps, etc.. Edition ca. 100 copies

EUR 1,300.00

Contains works by A.A. Barrio, P. Bruscky, U. Carrion, M. Dermisache, F. Ehrenberg, L. Fleury, D. Lacerda, R. Marroquin, J. de Moraes Neto, C. Padin, E. Burello, F. Pons, C.I. Souza, S.A. Spada, E.Zaluar, Also contained: A catalogue: Editions et Communications Marginales d’Amérique Latine”, C.A.Y.C. information sheets and an issue of ESCRITA.
Reference: Perneczky Assembling Magazines,Budapest, 2007 – page 190

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