“L’Ecole De L’Art Infantile” (Genesis P-Orridge) COUM Transmissions. AVANT-GARDE / SIDEWAYS-GARDE / DADA ART /MAMA ART /ANTI ART / UNCLE ART edited by (Genesis P-Orridge) 8 Price St. Off Dagger Lane, Hull, England. (1972-73)

EUR 5,000.00

Assembling Magazine. 26 x 21 cm. Covers from pink cardstock. Staplebound and spine reinforced w. yellow/green tape. Cover titles and cover art entirely made by hand (collages, rubberstamping, holograhic text). Added to frontcover by hand: “Being the first ©COUM Transmissions. 27-2-73” Contributions are mimeographs, collage, rubberstampings, found and ready-made papers (e.g. an original bankstatement of Genesis P-Orridge’s account), one original b+w photograph etc. (some dated 1972) by Genesis P-Orridge (incl. several lyrics of his music), Opal Nations, Hans Clavin, cosey Fanni Tutti, Robin Klassnik, Pauline Smith (later to become Adolf-Hitler-Fanclub), JC Moineau, F. Tiziano, Giulia Niccolai, Lloyds Bank Statement, S. Gasmantell, Anna Banana … Losely enclosed is photocopy of a letter by Opal Nations: “... Genesis P-Orridge and I have just founded a new art movement L’Ecole De L’Art Infantile, and we are looking for artists the world over, to participate – as a sort of mail art exchange and documentation...” Approx. 40 “pages” of different kinds of papers and formats as well colors. Most likely this is an UNIQUE item since everything is made manually. Fine conditon