LEPEL (Adriaan Peel)

(helemaal geen echt tijdschrift)

Nos. 1-9 (all publ., in 7 issues, 4/5 and 8/9 were double). Antwerp, 1963-1966, mimoegraphed, oblong, handwritten covers stapled in tghe spine, oblong. Edited of 50 copies, with collages,tipped-to page orig photoghraphs, various collaged materiakls.The platic spoon (lepeltje) that was affixed to the cover of the last number ihas not been preserved.

EUR 1,200.00

Complete set of this Antwerp one-man literary and artist periodical written and self-published by ADRIAAN PEEL. A playful and critically observing chronicle of the Antwerp Avant-Garde in the early sixties: attention for the literary world in Belgium and Antwerp (e.g. Labris, P.de Vree, . the local happening scene, but also developments in The Netherlands (Provo) and dutch authors (Jan Cremer whose book cover is mocked by a photograph of Peel on a motorcycle). Visually attractive because of the illustrations, tipped-to page original photographs (fullpage by Eddy Ausloos orig. b/w photocomposition and textcollages. The last double-issue dedicated to the Antwerp police (Politie Festival) and Happenings, contains a plastic pouch with washing powder, visuaslly attractived full-page text-collages and a small unidentified round photograph (E.Ausloos?).

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