LEPEL (Adriaan Peel)

(helemaal geen echt tijdschrift)

Nos. 1-9 (all publ., in 7 issues, 4/5 and 8/9 were double). Antwerp, 1963-1966, mimoegraphed, oblong, handwritten covers stapled in tghe spine, oblong. Edited of 50 copies, with collages,tipped-to page orig photoghraphs, various collaged materiakls.The platic spoon (lepeltje) that was affixed to the cover of the last number ihas not been preserved.

Complete set of this Antwerp one-man literary and artist periodical written and self-published by ADRIAAN PEEL. A playful and critically observing chronicle of the Antwerp Avant-Garde in the early sixties: attention for the literary world in Belgium and Antwerp (e.g. Labris, P.de Vree, . the local happening scene, but also developments in The Netherlands (Provo) and dutch authors (Jan Cremer whose book cover is mocked by a photograph of Peel on a motorcycle). Visually attractive because of the illustrations, tipped-to page original photographs (fullpage by Eddy Ausloos orig. b/w photocomposition and textcollages. The last double-issue dedicated to the Antwerp police (Politie Festival) and Happenings, contains a plastic pouch with washing powder, visuaslly attractived full-page text-collages and a small unidentified round photograph (E.Ausloos?).

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