Newsbulletin of the Centre for Advanced Creative Study.

Nos. 1-11 (all published, complete). London, August 1964 - Jan-Feb 1966. Newpaper-size, printed on glossy paper; illustrations & photographs. As usual this magazine was folded for mailing and has always some wear on the folds. (Condition of the set is overall good, taken into account that No. 1 is very slightly dampstained with light waving; No.2 and No. 3/4 with some wear and minimal loss of image over the folding , Nos. 6, 8, 9 with light wear over the folds; No.9 has tiny black stain on upper margin; No. 11 some wear over the folds). .
Director: Paul Keeler, editor: David Medalla. Newsbulletin-type publication of the kinetics art gallery SIGNALS LONDON, varying in content from 12-24 pp., reporting on exhibitions and featuring artists. No. 1 was published as Signal
z, inspired on the exhibit of
kinetic structures by Takis in the Centre. Subsequent exhibits are:
Festival of Modern Art from Latin America, Camargo One-Man Exhibition, Soundings Two, Marcello Salvadori, Carlos Cruz-Diez, J.R. Soto, Lygia Clark, Gabo, Schwitters, Chillida, Nicholson, Calder, Malevitch, etc. No. 3/4 is devoted to Takis; No. 5 to Camargo; No. 6 to Marcello Salvadori; No. 7 to Lygia Clark; No. 8 is Soundings Two; Naum Gabo; No.9 to Carlos Cruz-Diez; No. 10 devoted to Jsus Rafael Soto; No.11 is the special Alejandro Otero (Venezuela) issue, publ. as vol. 2 no 1, Jan/March 1966. The periodical also promoted the work of the Zero group out of Germany.

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