tijdschrift voor verbaal - plasticisme / review for verbal-plasticism

Number 8: AH8HA8AH8HA8A8H. Utrecht, 1968-1969. 8 contributions, incl.1 vinyl record.,together in original record sleeve (worn along extremities).

EUR 800.00

The record contains i.a. sound contributions by Gust Gils, Mauriizio Nannucci, P.de Bree/Cor Doesburg. "Verbo Sonico; Phonographico; Graphico Phono. Sonico Verbo". Contains: Gedicht Paul de Vree, partituur Cor Doesburg; Reveil du Chaos: partituur van een Fonografiek, Deman Utrecht (with Scenario on one sheet), Six-Clus in kraft envelope (5 sheets and 1 on the record), Sheet with Inhoud /Contents of the record; Verbofonie & Fon ogragie, Deman; Consonance/Introduction Gust Gils.