AU (ART UNIDENTIFIED) Tokyo, together with BRAINCELL, Osaka.

BRAIN CELL - Ryosuke Cohen,TOGETHER with AU (ART UNIDENTIFIED) - Shozo Shimamoto. Interesting and visually attractive small COLLECTION of items received by collectors in Amsterdam, as follows: -A: Pieces from Ryosuke Cohen/Brain Cell (Osaka, Japan), together 10 pieces of the stencilled bulletins accompanied by original colour-stamp work on large sheets, often with the original stamp-decorated mailing envelopes -B: 13 stamped postcards. Together with: Various documents: - Brain Cell instructions on a 2 page mimeograph dated Sept 1985, - Several Au and Braincell Flyers, - International Summertime Mail art show, Yokohama-shi Japan, 1983, 51 x 36,5 cm - Poster AU Intl. Mail Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Jan.1984 - Poster Mail Art Campaign Japan, Mar/Nov1984. - Poster Int.Mail Art Exposition Osaka 1984 - Poster For Children of the World, July 1985, Kyoto City Museum. -C: An A-4 stencilled booklet of 24 pages by Shozo Shimamoto explaining the Network: Mail Art Book III (with Manifesto, 2 copies) and several flyers from Shimamoto -D: ca. 14 various handouts and small artworks by Shozo Shimamoto in various sizes. -E: some envelopes, some empty, some with mixed content promo flyers, mailed to Amsterdam.

EUR 2,000.00

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