SHVANTZ! (W.E.Baumann)


“SHVANTZ! ist keine Kunstzeitung - die Zeitung selbst ist das Kunstwerk”. (Shvantz! is not an art magazine – it is the arwork itself). Published in Frankfurt (W.E.Baumann). All (except no 10) produced by xerox with additions of collage etc., all handmade and limited to 50 copies. (only no 5 came out for the Shvantz-Festival 1979 in the Staedel-Academy in Frankfurt in 150 copies) - No. 4. side Sept/Otober 1979 (one of 50 copies). Orig front and back wrappers by Pola Reuth (Siebdruck). 38 pages. With orig.taped spine, - No. 5: Festival Nov. 1979 (150 copies). 188 pages, Front cover colourprint by Ralphn Neun; Spine orig.silver tape. - No. 6. 1980 (one of 50 copies) 36 pages (of which one double), side- stapled in white covers with black typed text , richly decorated with glitter and lametta, spine with white tape. - No. 9. 1980 (one of 50 copies). 48 pages,with 2 double,printed in pink stock, front cover iluustration by Andreas Züst (Schgvantz Fest/ival Zürich, Juni '80 ; picture of Karel Dudesek/Oliver Hirschbiegel. - No. 10. 1981 ( one of 200 copies, this issue printed in offset). - Added: Shvantz!- Special-Edition on occassion of their Aktion und Ausstellung bei Bazillus Art Space Würzburg MARCH 1980 . Der Kunst & Kulturladen in der Diaspora. “Dritter Weltkrieg permanent” (3rd Worldwar – permanent ) Ringbound , with 2 collaged items on the brown front wrapper (firecrackers in dried-glue, and paper-napkin with text stamped in green "Neuest Nachrichten aus der Diaspora") . Limited edition 30 copies. 53 pages (printed recto only) on white and xerox-paper of various colours. - Added: Walter E. Baumann (=Shvantz!) “Imperator” Artist’s book 1988, selfpublished Ed. 500 cps. - Added: Pola Reuth (= Shvantz”"!) “ Letzte Vorstellung. Artist’s book, Copyright by Shvantz Frankfurt 1980 All Xerox/ b+w illustr. of a Highway project. Editon of 50 copies - PLUS: 10 pieces of ephemera (personal messages by Baumann-Shvantz / Flyers, hand-outs, mini Poster.
Edited and created by Walter E.Baumann, influential protagonist of the young scene of the famous art academy Städel School, a respected but rather inaccessible place. It was precisely here that - under the title Shvantz- Baumann published small numbers of an artists’ magazine that he produced on the school’s photocopier. It dealt in essence with art and music in Frankfurt and beyond, but was shocking and revolutionary in content and design. In 1979 he organized the Shvantz Festival under the motto "forget about ART – here is SHVANTZ!…" and brought the Düsseldorf bands Der Plan and Mittagspause to a concert in the auditorium of the Academy of Arts. The festival attracted a good deal of attention even in the boring daily press and is today looked upon as a kind of initial spark: one year later Baumann again organized a concert, this time with the British noise and industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle, whose performance became legendary. - No. 4: Sept.1979.Art Attack,Gerhard Naschberger, Michael Badura, Pola Reuth, D.Albrecht, Horst Turner (original work on transparent paper),, W.E..Baumann, Ralphn Neun, Milan Kunc, U.Maier. Cover Silkscreen. - No. 5: Festival Katalog. D.Abrecjht,Aquinada, W.E.Naumann, Peter Below, Milan Kunc, Minus Delta, Deborah Monroe, Thomas Niggle, James Nitsch, Annegret Soltau, a.o. - No. 6: 1980. Thomas Bayrle, Monte Cazazza, Pieter Cramer, Gino Lametta (Special page, orig. Artwork, rosa-80-er,R3Sex, ) , Walter Pfeiffer, Horst Turner, Michael Delto, Ralphn Neun, Ulrich Maier, Pola Reuth, Jochen Gerz. - No. 9: G.Lametta, Dagner Nagel, Tom Stark, Monte Carazza, Winfr Wolfff, Baumann, Mninus Delta, Karel Dudesek, ao. ; 2 foldouts, - No. 10: M.Kunc, Hirschbiegel, Walter Hofer, etc.: Abschiedkonzert: Es spielt das grosse Shvantzorchester u.L.v.W.W.Baumann.

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