- Amsterdam Balloon Company: 12 page glossy program, fully illustrated, outlining the aims and background of the Balloon Company, "Freiraum/Free Space-Espace Libre", the beginning of Ruigoord.
- PSI: Journal, magazine for the good new times; 40 pages, in glossy wrappers, fully illustrated (no date).
- A.B.G. Reizen. 18 pp. Stencilled pamphlet, sewn in the spine.
Together with: -Amsterdams Ballon Gezelschap; Ballon Courant 1e jaargang nr. 1, de Volle Maan, 1979 72 pp. + covers, glued in the spine; mimeographed.
Together with: - Reisverslagen (Travel accounts of the Ballon Company): together 4 volumes, one 1/2ouble and nos. 3,4,5.
Together with: - De Keerkring,77; 72 pages, spine-cglued in illustrated wrappers. (Interesting survey of new thinking and creative living, Nicolaas Kroese, Grootveld, Hillenius, etc.).
Interesting ensemble of Post-Provo developments: -The program has numerous photographs and published the program: ""…rooted in a long tradition of happenings by various groups from the magican cantre Amsterdam. From the tumultuous days of Provo onward a liberation of the mind and nature has been spread in words and deeds: Deskundologisch Laboratorium, Insktensekte, Comitee 2000, Bohemin Mystery school…"; Together with the magazine PSI- - The stencilled pamphlet announces the projected travel by balloon of a select group of travelers, the "Amsterdam Ballon Association", and prints with photographs and addresses the participiation fee receipts (varying from 10 to 25 guilders): a.o. Johannes van Dam, Hennie van der Louw, de familie Veldhoen, Hillenius, Louis Kley, Michel Stoopman,

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