Periodiek voor de leden van het Genootschap voor Tegennatuurlijke letteren.

N.pl., Genootschap voor Tegennatuurlijke Letteren, 1983-2013, 127 vols., in parts as issued, ills., orig. wr., 4to.
= Comprises: year 1, no.1-10 (complete); II, no.1-5 and 7-12; III, no.1-9; IV, no.1-11 (in 7 parts); V, no.1-11 (in 9 parts); VI, no.9/10; VII, no.2, 6 and 10; VIII, no.8-12; IX, no.1/2-4 and 7-12 (in 8 parts); X, no.1, 2, 10 and 11; XI, 2, 3, April/May/June and July (in 4 parts); XII, Jan. and Febr.; 2002, Sept. and Dec.; 2003, Jan., Febr., March, May and June; 2004, April-June, Sept., Nov. and Dec.; 2005, Jan.; 2006, Nov. and Dec.; 2008, Jan.-May, Nov.; 2009, Nov. and Dec.; 2010, Jan., April-June, Sept.-Dec.; 2011, Jan.-June and Sept.-Dec.; 2012, Jan.-June, "Speciale Zomeraflevering", Oct. and Nov.; 2013, Jan.-March.
Together with a few unspecified issues (i.a. "Johan B.W. Polak 1928-1992"), a special issue "Album door het Genootschap voor Tegennatuurlijke letteren aangeboden door Harry G.M. Prick op 17 december 1983 (...)", and some related documents.
=Substantial set of this extremely rare periodical, published in a very small (±25) number of copies for the members of the"Society for 'counter-natural' letters". Extremely rare periodical (still in progress), published in a limited edition of 25 copies for members of the society only. Publication of a select group of homosexual lovers of literature and art with a strong tendency to dandyism and ethical thinking. Even among the members of the society only a few complete runs exist. Contains publications by i.a. P. van Capelleveen, P. Coret, T. Leenhouts, A. Litzroth, N. Maas, J. Polak, D.J. Simaleavich and P. Snijders.

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