Revue de la Poésie Experimentale

Number 136. May 1973. Japan. Editor: Kitasono Katué. Publisher: Club Vou, Tokyo. 48 pages in original orange wrappers; 21 x 19 cm. With ll,ustrations and photographs.Stapled (stapled rusted). Condition is a bit awkward, it is clean but has been damaged (probably in the mail) wrinkled, bended and folded in various directions. Text and illustrations are undamaged when flattened.
Edited by Kitasono Katué, to whom te first contemporary Japanese visual poem is attributed (1902–1978). He began his career in surrealism current before founding, in July 1935, the magazine VOU. It fwas the organ of the association of the same name, and continued without interruption until his death in 1978 (with number 160). The word "VOU", sometimes pronounced "Vaou", sometimes "Vô", and which in the purest Dadaist tradition means nothing, was invented by Fujitomi Yasuo. It was through VOU that the first links of Japanese visual poetry with the concrete international movement were created. The magazine was known abroad and its director maintained abundant correspondence with several poets such as Haroldo de Campos, Eugen Gomringer, LC. Vinholes, (grupo Noigandres) Pierre Garnier, some of which became members of the Vou association. There were three Japanese magazines of contemporary visual poetry: VOU, Kitasono Katsue éd. 1935-1978 (150 numbers), ASA, Niikuni Seiichi éd. 1965-1974 (7 numbers). and SHISHI , Yoshizawa Shôji éd. 1981-1992 (30 numbers)