Namen en Adressen

Namen en adressen. Verbale, Visuele, en Luister Werken 1973-1980. Ulises Carrión : Names and Addresses, Verbal, Visual and Aural Work 1973-1980. Maastricht, Agora Studio, 1980. 1 volume 21 X 30cm., 30 pages, mostly printed recto only; kep together by a black plastic strip.

EUR 1,200.00

Artist book, a sort of biography with a wealth of uinformation
Together with the Invitation to the Exposition Ulises Carrión Names and Adresses at the Gallery East at the Art Institue of Boston. 1980. 1 sheet printed recto only, 21x30 cm., folded twice.
Reproduced : Reina Sofia page 94.

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