Alison Knowles. “Das Nashorn”. Bremen. Schule Hermannsburg, 1996
Heavy cardstock covers with a multicolored image of a collage by Alison Knowles which is handsigned. No 1/10 from a special edition of this pupil’s school assembling. 30 x 21 cm, ca. 100 pages w. color + b/w illustr./ Also w. contributions by SPOERRI and Dieter ROTH. Fine condition. Very rare.

EUR 900.00

Special edition of the school journal of the 5th grade of the school in Bremen which was amix of handicapped children with special educational needs and regular pupils. The journal is supported by wellknown international artists who supply contributions and illustrations for the covers. "Das Nashorn erscheint drei- bis viermal jährlich in einer einmaligen Auflage von 99 handgefertigten Exemplaren und wechselnden Titelbildern. Diesmal von Alison Knowlers, Barrytown, NU. USA".

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