A set consisting of Nos. 1 ,3, 4, 5 and 6 (of 6 physical numbers published. [in fact numbering continued till no 506 imaginatively]. Selfpublished, 1968- 1969. - Numéro 1: Les étudiants d’Orléans. Journal réalisé par les membres de la Commission Culture occupant la bibliothèque universitaire : Claude Alliot, Michel Blandin, Monique Crespeau, Jack Gasperini, Claude Landre, Dominique Lepingle, Jean-Claude Moineau, André Rouchier. Orléans,Les auteurs, mai 1968. Fascicule [21,5x33,5 cm) 14 twosided stencilled stencilled sheets, stapled and folded.. - Numéro 3. Orléans, Jean-Claude Moineau, mai 1969. 29 two sided stencilled sheets, 21 x27 cm, with a sericgraphy in green on orange paper, one card, and a selfadhesive sticker, kept together as packaged in brown kraft paper with handwritten title label., With participation of Jean-Claude Moineau “A mots couverts” et reproductions d’oeuvres -entre autres- de Bernard Aubertin, Lygia Clark, Claude Landrà, John J. Sharkey, Gérald Rocher, Constantin Xénakis, Brian Lane, Jiri Valoch, J.F. Bory, Alain Arias-Misson, Henri Chopin, Tom Phillips, P.A. Gette, Bernard Heidsieck, Jochen Gerz. -No. 4. . Paris: Self published, novembre 1969. "vouz aussi pouvez faire votre journal". Folded poster, 55x43,5cm, containing approximately 45 lose pages. (different sizes,most 4to), Some browning towards the edges and folds of the poster, internally content is clean and untrimmed as issued. -Numbers: 5 and number 6 (to 506) Date / Year: 1970 Meta-Art series, Edition of 500 copies 21 cm x 27 cm,Roneotype on paper. Number 5: a single sheet, printed on one side, folded in four. Number 6: 2 sheets cream paper, printed on one side, folded in four. Numbers 5 and 6 are accompanied by the envelopes in which they were sent, stamped in Paris, dated July and August 1970 respectively, with the author's stamp "Meta Art and Ne coupe pas magazine" on the back and Fernando Millán's address on the front. On the second sheet of number 6 it is specified that it is number 7-8-9 ... and so on until number 506, with a circulation of 500 copies. Given the date, these issues of the magazine were made after leaving the University of Orleans (where the previous and best-known four were made), when the author was already transferred to the University of Paris. Although they have not the wealth of sheets and authors of those previous issues, these copies show us the conceptual approach of the author's "project of publication" not without an ironic sense (as if numbering is sufficient to make the journal exist without specifying the content). ADDED: Assembling of a copy of No. 4 (with age wear) and several loose stencilled sheets of Meta-Art texts by Jean Claude Moineau stamped Meta-Art/Revue Ne Coupez Pas, plus a stickersheet with the same stamp on verso. Also contains the stencilled booklet "Textes a Tester -Meta Art" by Jean-Claude Moineau and Christiane Frougny, 12 sheets, stapled in the corner; texts and drawings. The lot contains approx. 60 loose sheets featuring audience participatory contributions possibly connected to the independent publishers festival at Galerie t Venster in Rotterdam, 5-25 September 1970, as well as promotional material for small art/poetry groups such as Revue-Tract, Ana Etcetera and Adriano Spatola. Also includes a stencilled booklet by Eugenio Miccini and Giusi Coppini titled 'Definizione de Violenza', Firenze 1968, 15.5 x 11.5 cm, housed in an original plastic bag with stamps by the artists on the front cover and stamp of Techne on rear. Plus a collection of sheets designed by Eugenio Miccini on thin coloured paper in various sizes, roughly 12 x 12 cm, promoting poetry with titles such as Pour une Poesie Total' and 'Parlate Poesia.
Edited by Jean-Claude Moineau (Mathematics teacher at the Science Faculty of Orléans), who organised in May 1968 the occupation of the University Library. He starts an artistic revolutionary groupe GRRRR [Groupe de Recherche et de Réalisation d’une Réflexion Révolutionnaire] and this journal, which is devoted to political discussions, visual poetry and typographical and design experiments. Most of the pages by Jean-Claude Moineau, with numerous “meta-art” texts. Also contributions by Christiane Frougny, Joachim Branco & Flavio Almada; a postcard with text - ‘text capital’ and a ‘communiqué’ printed in red – don’t commune don’t communicate; a 16 pages catalogue – ‘livres meta-art’ + two postcards + a pink label with attached wire. As there is no table of contents it is impossible to check for completeness, but the impression is that the issues are complete as published under the original stapling.

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